Where’d my ERIC Document go? Continued

OK, this saga continues. The ERIC people have a 1-800 helpline (1-800-LET-ERIC) with extremely helpful customer service reps. I called them up to ask what the deal was with my ERIC Document, and she was able to pull it up immediately! Go figure – sort of like when the car’s having trouble until you take it to the shop!

Then she asked me if I had registered and was logged in… which I wasn’t – their website states “You do NOT need to login or register to use ERIC’s search feature” – so I hadn’t bothered with it.

She advised me to log in and try the search again, so I hung up and tried the search again…. and still got 0 results! So I called up ERIC again, and talked to another extremely nice customer service rep (wow! Two in a row!). We did the same thing again, and I still got nothing, and he found my ERIC Document.

Then he gave me another non-domain URL to try – – that’s the URL he uses at ERIC. But of course, we both got the same results – he found it, I didn’t.

So now I have an official help ticket logged with ERIC (AM7145001), and someone is supposed to contact me about it.

Let’s see what happens!