Website Statistics – Top Search Keyword and Phrases

For the last part of this series, I’ll focus on Search Engine Words and
Phrases. Yes, many different search engines direct customers to our
website – and our web stats software keeps track of which search engines
hit us, and more importantly, what words and phrases are used to find
our pages.

Here’s what happened in October (looking at phrases):

Obviously, different forms of “Kansas City Public Library” appear (as
kansas city public library, kansas city library, kc public library, kc
library, etc.).

Also, we get a lot of content-driven types of phrases, like:

3 map of missouri
7 maps of missouri
8 kansas city map
9 missouri maps
13 pumpkin painting
14 Harry potter info
15 public library
16 sheffield steel
17 map of missouri counties
21 russell stover
22 kchasjobs
23 scary face painting
26 harry truman
28 library
33 kansas city photos
34 Kansas City, MO
35 kansas city maps
36 Downtown Arena Design Team
37 Walter Disney
38 Jim Bridger
41 how to make a purse
42 Sheffield steel industry
43 Kansas City Missouri
44 kansas city
46 railroad maps
47 kansas city mo
48 Flu Shots Kansas City
50 oregon trail map

This is great stuff! People want maps, craft information, local history
info, jobs, info on downtown, flue shots, and info on our city. And to
find that info, they are being directed to our library website.

So – here’s the part involving work – we probably need to provide
pointers to some of this, at least the things that appear more
frequently. For example, Jim Bridger appears often in this list (for
June 1 through October 31, he’s number 17). We have a local history
collection of photos and documents about him and his family, most of
which is online. But we could also write an article that describes him,
his family, and the information we have about him – in the local history
collection, but also in our books, videos, and articles that can be
found in our library. And in other web links, too.

This would do a number of things:
1. It would help establish our customized content on Mr. Bridger or
other top search phrases as “an authority” that would continue driving
more customers to our site
2. It would help provide information that customers are wanting from us
in a more condensed way (by providing a “this is what we have” type of

And that’s gotta be good for our website and our library, right?