Creating a Web Content Team

I was just taking a peak at Tim Roger’s blog, and he mentioned a very cool idea – that of creating a Web Content Team that does this:
“assess, plan for, and develop content for the library’s [that’s Johnson County Library] sites. When I say “develop,” I mean create, write, and negotiate for content that people want access to. The specific focus of all of our content is localness, so the latter statement (negotiate for content) comes down to working with local agencies and organizations to get access to their stuff so that we can make it available.” (quote from his post).

Extremely cool! We’re doing some of that with our site (although in a much more haphazard way), and we’re doing it in a very focused way with our KCResearch project (more about that later). But to create a team that focuses on web content – cool beans. I’m going to find out more about that team, what they do, etc and possibly rework it for my library…