Social Software and Services in 2004

I think I’m becoming a web geek. Or just learning about a lot of new online services… your pick! But here’s a brief rundown of services I’ve signed up for and/or started using in 2004 that have an online, social networking type of vibe:

  • IM: I started using IM. Message me at squagmar (AIM), [email protected] (MSN), or daweedrex (Yahoo). As an aside, I’m using Trillian for IM – pretty cool product.
  • blogs: I started one (the one you’re reading).
  • blogs: I started reading blogs with an aggregator. I use Bloglines. Here’s my public blogroll (from Bloglines).
  • blogs: my library started using blogs to push information to library customers. Find them here – we call them Subject Guides.
  • RSS: my library started using RSS.
  • RSS: My blog has an Atom feed.
  • Images: I signed up for a Flickr account (that’s where the images below are coming from).
  • Images: A bit more personal – I created a photo feed in my tripod account to go along with an online “what my family was doing in 2004” letter that we emailed to friends for Christmas.
  • Bookmarks Management: I finally understood the need for this (I got tired of sitting at home thinking “I wish I could get to my bookmarks at work”). I tried out (VERY cool url, by the way), and settled on Furl.
  • Cool games: I admit it. I was a game junky in the 80’s. So I tried out a few online games: Runescape and Utopia (technically, I tried Utopia out before 2004… just mentioning it for good measure). The Knightish-looking guy that’s waving in the image to the right is my “online double” when roaming around in Runescape. Both these games have a huge following (upwards of 50,000 people will be found playing the games at any one time), and have a social, chat function built in to the games. Jenny over at the Shifted Librarian just posted about her family’s experience with Runescape – good reading.
  • Online Music: I have some songs posted at Soundclick.

I also walked around Church of Fools during their pilot project last summer. Church of Fools is an online, interactive, 3-D church. It was a pilot project of the Methodist Church of Great Britain – they invited real preachers to step into the virtual pulpit and do their thing.To the left is what a “cartoon double” from Church of Fools might look like.

And I think that’s all I did… seems like a lot! So, for 2005… are there other cool online services librarians (or web geeks) should know about? Michael at Tame the Web just told me about skype – it’s a free, online phone thingie. Any others? Let me know!