A Podcasting Librarian!

Greg at open stacks just made a podcast! How cool is that? He even succinctly explains what a podcast is:

“Don’t be afraid of the word podcast; it’s just an mp3 file, as normal as can
be. However, if you’re an iPod user or have an aggregator that downloads
enclosures automatically, you might want to grab my podcast feed.”

Really, a podcast can be many things. As Greg shows, it can be basically a library conference-type presentation, or it can be a live concert recording (and many other things as well). So, how can a library use podcasting for customers? Here are some ideas:

  • local storytellers
  • teen poetry readings
  • oral histories (much better than simply storing old cassettes in boxes!)
  • My library does something called Dial-a-Story… why not “Podcast-a-Story?”
  • Ever have music in the library? We do… we could record them and podcast it…
  • How to use stuff (could be boring “click file, then click on open folder, then…”)

Just some ideas…. (now I gotta go listen to that Medeski, Martin and Wood recording of Greg’s…)