Day in the life of a web manager

Just what does a web manager do? Here’s a list of stuff I did at work today:

  • Checked email, Bloglines (an RSS feed reader) throughout the day.
  • Met with supervisor about various projects – once formally in her office, a couple more times informally around the office.
  • Added our new interim executive director’s name and email to our contact us page.
  • Had email and phone discussions with reference staff about a tax season article for our website.
  • Read about WebTrends 7, a website analytics and statistids software package, on the company’s website.
  • We filter: I checked some websites that had been requested to be unblocked (they stayed blocked).
  • Started working on the 2005-2006 web budget.
  • Went for coffee.
  • Updated text on a page and closed the helpdesk ticket (we track all IT requests).
  • Discussed possible presentation ideas for an upcoming presentation, and sent proposals.
  • Started designing a new website – did that the rest of the day (ate lunch somewhere in there, too). This involved creating and editing images, reading a couple of CSS books and hacking already-created CSS off our public website’s style sheet, and working in Dreamweaver.

Whew! I’m tired!