Article Published about Kansas City Public Library’s Subject Guides

I have an article in February’s Computers in Libraries magazine about Kansas City Public Library’s new Subject Guide, topic-driven content push.

Here’s the blurb from InfoToday:

Little Boy Blue Goes High-Tech: Providing Customers with Topic-Driven Content
“Looking for a way to organize your Web links to maximize patron usage and minimize staff time? This article tells how the Kansas City Public Library’s Web team created Subject Guides–Web pages that contain a variety of content focusing on a single topic–to help users quickly find information.”

Enjoy the article! And while I’m at it, I’ll be at the Computers in Libraries 2005 conference coming up in march, speaking about targeting specific groups of customers with your library’s website. Should be an interesting talk. Here’s the blurb on that, as well (taken from the preliminary program):

Targeting Library Web Sites to Specific User Groups
10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.
David King, Web/IT Project Manager, Kansas City Public Library

Meeting the needs of all users in one library site is often an impossible task. When should libraries develop Web sites or Web site areas that target special groups of users? What does a targeted Web site look like? David King focuses in “ready, aim, fire” and outlines methods for identifying how to meet specific user communities such as usability studies and mining Web usage statistics. He looks at ways to tailor sites to meet particular needs and discusses methods of marketing and promoting Web sites to specific audiences by using special tools such as RSS, IM, and/or e-mail. Find out how you can delight library Web site visitors by designing targeted sites that meet their needs.