What the… David’s Done a Podcast!

Welcome to the one and [probably] only podcast on Dave’s Blog. I was fiddling around with my Blogger profile, and noticed something about Audio Clips – there’s a text box named “Audio Clip URL,” and some accompanying text – “Find out how to get free Audio Clips.”

So I clicked it, and found a nifty free tool called AudioBlogger. It’s basically a fancy voice mail system – but it goes one step further. Once you’ve called the phone number and left your voice mail, Audioblogger saves your voice mail AND posts it to your blog! How cool is that?

So – this is an extremely easy way to create a podcast. No microphones, no sound editing software [and possibly nasty quality – I haven’t actually listened to it yet], no converting .wav files to .mp3 files… just call, talk, and hit the # button on your phone.


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