Playing with Google Maps

Trying out Google Maps. It’s very cool! I tried finding my home address – found it just fine. Then I tried my library.

First, I typed in “kansas city public library.” It did fine – found all but one of our branches, and found our old location for the main library. It also lumped in North Kansas City Public Library, which is another library system (but it’s about 5 miles from us, too).

Google Maps also gave the old version of our URL ( to all the branch libraries, but our normal url ( to our main branch. Hmm…

Now I’m going to play “where’s Waldo” – to try and find the missing branch (Waldo Community branch). If I do this search (“kansas city public library” waldo), I find the Waldo, North-east, and Ruiz branches… and also find Kansas City, Kansas Public Library (yet another close but separate library system across the state line – also a good 5 miles away).

So I sent a “Send Feedback” email giving them the correct address of our new Central Library… we’ll see what happens.