How about Video Podcasting?

I was just thinking about podcasting (’cause it’s been coming up alot lately in the “li-blogosphere”). And it dawned on me – “well heck David, if you can audio podcast, why can’t you video podcast?”

So I poked around on Google, and believe it or not, that’s the “next big thing” in podcasting (well, at least according to the video dudes).

Here’s some info to check out about Video Podcasting – first, a couple of quotes:

on this page – “Wouldn’t it be cool to sync video to a PMC or Smartphone? Instead of just podcasting, it’s video-podcasting. PT just sent me an RSS feed to a video cast. Newsgator sends it to a monitored folder on the computer which auto syncs to any WM10 device. I can even play it back on MCE. Now what we need is to add channel nine and take it all on the go automatically.” Posted by Michael Gartenberg…

Another quote – “Where audio leads, video follows. We are already seeing the beginnings of video podcasting. Video podcasting, of some form, to some device is almost certainly going to be a major influencer in the way people consume media. Think about it. The programs you want to watch will be automatically delivered to your media server ready for consuming on your schedule. Should ever Apple do a video iPod that would be a logical place of consumption, but failing that, a Mac Mini as home media server has got to be on the horizon. Already video podcasts are being directed at video-equipped 3GPP cell phones.”

And a whole article from Wired News – Video Feeds Follow Podcasting.

Think of the way cool possibilities for video podcasting! Automatically downloadable classes, seminars, book review sessions, visual and audible training on finding info, online story hour, downloadable when (or soon after) it happens…. how cool is that?

I’m actually tempted to try this out – I have a webcam installed on my PC… hmm… we’ll see.