More on Video Podcasting, or Videoblogging

Another one from the comments –

Paul says: “Hi Dave, you might be interested in the links on this post:

This post leads to some great websites that focus on videoblogging and aggregating those video feeds! The sites mentioned are:

  • Digital Bycycle – this is a “peercasting” community. Looks cool.
  • Freevlog – step-by-step instructions for setting up a free videoblog!
  • – website for a group of people interested in videoblogging.

Also, Steven Cohen posted some links to video-related sites last week. Here they are, as well:

  • Boogieplay – a search engine (still in beta) for searching video, audio, and text blogs.
  • mefeedia – an RSS aggregator for videobloggers.

It’s exciting to see so much expansion and excitement about stuffing different types of content into RSS aggregators. So this is just a heads-up on yet more stuff to check out!