Computers in Libraries 2005 Day 3

I attended Chris Sherman’s morning session on search engines coolness… some neat things I heard:

He suggested that libraries purchase ad words on Google. Not for general words like, say, “libraries” – but on more specific words (see my stuff on topic driven content!). Very interesting idea.

He demonstrated Keyhole (, I think). It’s a visual map that starts up high (like, seeing the whole continent) and then narrows down to a street when you enter an address. Very hip.

Gary Price mentioned some general stuff he’d heard from Google people: 99% of searchers don’t use simple advanced techniques like putting phrases in quotes, and that most searchers only look at the first 3-4 hits in a search… Wow!

Another IM sesssion was next – it was great. The coolest thing they did was IM’d students on their “buddy list” – think virtual roving reference and good PR to boot.