Google’s Keyhole, Maps, and Local Come Together

(found at the Unofficial google Blog):
image of Kansas City Public LibraryI saw Google’s Keyhole for the first time at the Computers in Libraries conference, and thought it was pretty cool. Apparently, Google is starting to combine Google Local, Maps, and Keyhole – look at this image…

That little thought bubble thing with the address is pointing at me! Instead of getting the normal drawn map view, Google now has a Satelite view that adds static Keyhole images. Neat, huh?

I still need to play with it, but I ultimately think A9’s version of real images (storefront images while driving down a street) is currently more useful. With the A9 version, you see the actual street at street-level, which might look familiar to me. The satellite view of an area doesn’t help me – I can’t for the life of me recognize my building in Google’s satellite image (although if I zoom out of the image a little, I DO recognize I-35).

Nonetheless, it’ll be cool to see where all this is going.