Make your PC more “Mac-ish”

I just saw this post today, and found a cool toy to play with. The post provides links to lots of tools and utilities for Windows users that make your Windows PC a bit more like a Mac.

The coolest toy I found (and one I think is extremely useful) is Top Desk. Top Desk mimics Mac’s Expose – basically, it takes all those windows you have open (I currently have 16 windows open), and allows you to tile them in small visual window tiles. Then, you can actually SEE what you have open – how cool is that? I know, I know – all you Mac users are going “uhm… what’s so cool about that?” But it’s a new thing to me!

Here’s what it did to my screen. First, a screenshot of my normal window (#1) (these don’t include both monitors I use – only the primary one), and then the screenshot using Top Desk (#2):

Screenshot One

screen one


Screenshot Two

screen two

How cool is that?

Kids are Cute

Conversation with Lillabeth, my 5 year old, this morning at breakfast:

Lilly: Daddy, why do you have to go to work?
Me: Well… where does the bagel you’re eating come from?
Lilly: … the grocery store
Me: And how do we get it?
Lilly: We buy it!
Me: With what?
Lilly: Money…
Me: And where does that money come from?
Lilly: … the bank.
Me: Actually, I do work for the library, and in return, they give me money.
Lilly [eyes going wide at this point]: Ooohhh. So that’s why you and mommy have SO MUCH MONEY!

Someday I’ll need to fill her in on the whole job thing in a little more detail…

Steve Krug’s New Book

From the Boxes and Arrows blog:

They did an interview with Steve Krug, who wrote a most eye-opening book on web usability, Don’t Make Me Think

“But in the meantime I’ve had a change of heart, and decided to do an updated edition of Don’t Make Me Think first, then write the how-to testing book. The second edition of Think is due out later this year.”

So, two books:
1. Updated version of Don’t Make Me Think – should be a good one to pick up
2. He’s planning to write a how-to book on low-cost/no-cost usability testing.

When they come out, READ BOTH OF THEM.