Marianne (Skagirlie blog) tagged me, so here goes:

Total volume of music on my PC:
– 2-3 Gbs worth… at home

Total volume of music on my pda/flash player:
Fountains of Wayne CD and a couple of U2 songs (PDA storage card)
– 14 songs on my flash player

Last CD I bought:
– Adoration: The Worship Album, by the Newsboys
– …honestly I don’t actually “buy” too many CDs these days…

Last song bought on itunes:
– a freebie – Belly, Feed the Tree

Song playing right now:
– playing in my head… – Mexican Wine, by Fountains of Wayne

Five songs/CDs I listen to a lot:

  1. Mr. Buechner’s Dream, by Daniel Amos (the whole CD) – the most awesome band in the known world
  2. Emphasiser, by Garage a TroisStanton Moore is one amazing drummer
  3. Ten Summoner’s Tales, by Sting – one amazing CD
  4. Ruby Vroom, by Soul Coughing – I dig the woody, organic sound of the drums and bass
  5. Vinnie Colaiuta, by Vinnie Colaiuta – another awe-inspiring drummer

Five songs that mean a lot to me:

  1. Peter Gabriel, Shaking the Tree – when the drums kick in halfway through the song… it’s just so “right”
  2. The Police, King of Pain – one to be experienced. At a loud volume. (Actually, you should crank everything. Just sayin.)
  3. Casey Corum/Vineyard, Dwell – brings me closer to God
  4. Rush, Ceiling Unlimited – a very hopeful song
  5. Freshman Senators… my band from college. What can I say?

First concert I ever attended:
– Silverwind, maybe 1982? A church youth group outing

Tag three people (we’ll see if they actually respond):
– Greg at Open Stacks
– Steven at Library Stuff
– Karen at Library Web Chic