Providing an Experience rather than a Product

Pg 50 of the book Priceless: Turning Ordinary Products into Extraordinary Experiences: – a discussion on Apple and iMacs. When the iMac was marketed, Apple targeted young people who wanted to be online, but were afraid of technology. Apple’s ads clearly demonstrated how easy it was to get online using, of all things, an iMac.

What did Apple do? They targeted a niche audience (young people wanting to connect to the Internet), and offered a solution to that niche audience’s problem (difficulty in getting online). Did you read that? Apple didn’t offer a product – instead, they basically offered an EXPERIENCE that their target group wanted. The product was merely a means to an end (that of easily connecting to the web).

How can libraries mimic that type of “experience offering?” Here’s some ideas:

  • We can target a niche audience with focused information – information they want. This way, we’re providing the experience of finding answers.
  • Does a certain audience have problems? I’m thinking seniors = healthcare issues, young singles = careers, etc. Libraries can offer information-based solutions to these needs and problems, and provide many positive experiences.
  • In general, we can offer a positive experience when customers visit our website by providing good, clear information, easy and clear ways of navigating our website, and create a pleasant-looking page.