Engaging Customers

Still dabbling in Experience Planning… this is from page 4 of The Experience Economy, by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore. It’s an awesome read, by the way.

Here’s a cool quote: “companies stage an experience whenever they engage customers, connecting with them in a personal, memorable way.”

Examples: Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe – at these restaurants, the food functions more as a prop for the event, rather than being the event. The food is only one of the reasons you visit – but not the only reason.

The idea? Merging food and … entertainment, comedy, art, architecture, nature (Rainforest Cafe), etc. The food is a prop that helps set the stage for other sensations to connect with customers.

Libraries could do a similar thing, to varying degrees. We could have “themes” and focus displays, bookshelves, website, etc on that theme (do I hear summer reading progrograms here?). A theme could focus more on the physical building’s architecture, and the website could mimic that (that Home Depot thing again).

Just some thoughts…