Experience in the Mundane

Kansas City’s airport parking lot was recently redesigned, and it makes life alot easier for me. The new parking lot uses KC-based themes at each shuttle stop (there are at least 20 shuttle stops). The idea is that while you might not remember you parked at 25-H, you might remember that you parked at the Thomas Hart Benton stop, because you read about him, saw pictures of him, and saw a huge paintbrush icon (he was an artist).

The parking lot is attempting to engage more than one of my senses, so I can remember where I parked. Library websites can do this, too. Here are some ideas:

  • icons AND link words to important web-based resources
  • easy-to-use navigation
  • consistent look-and-feel throughout your website
  • text, images, sound, video all about the same thing

There are probably others, too!