Corporate Blogging Guidelines

I found these via the Working Smart blog. It’s a nicely done set of blogging guidelines for the blogger’s company (Thomas Nelson Publishers). The Guidelines walk an employee through the blogging process from start to finish – very cool.

You should definitely go read them if interested, but here are the high points:

  1. Start with a blogging service (like blogger, livejournal, etc).
  2. Write as yourself (ie., use your real name, don’t be anonymous, etc).
  3. Own your content (make sure readers know this is your personal blog, and not the companies blog).
  4. Write Relevant. Write Often.
  5. Advertise – if you wish.
  6. Be nice.
  7. Keep secrets (no sensitive, confidential, proprietary, etc info).
  8. Respect copyrights.
  9. Obey the law.
  10. Remember the Handbook (the company policy handbook).

Now – I’ll bet someone can adapt this simple but useful format for a library!