Realm #4: Esthetic, or “Just want to be there”

the experience realmsThe Esthetic Realm is all about passive immersion. You’re immersed, but you have little effect on the experience, leaving the environment untouched. A great example would be standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon – you are immersed in the huge cliffs and the beauty, but you can’t really change anything. Visiting an art gallery or a cool café might provide a similar (but much less grand) experience. At the café, there might be cool hip music, great smelling coffee, possibly a good book, and maybe other similarly-minded people. That sets up an esthetic experience.

Libraries can pull this one off – our buildings can set a mood or strike a pose. Our library staff can even help to provide this type of experience, either good or bad, via attitude. Our books do this visually with a look and a smell.

Our website can do this, too, can’t it? It can strike a pose and set a mood. It can give off good/bad vibes that set a (hopefully) positive attitude towards staff. This is seen in the look-and-feel of the site.