Google Blog Search Has Arrived

googleblogCheck this out – Google Blog Search. It’s just what it says it is – “Find blogs on your favorite topics.”

How does it work? Well… just like Google! You search just like you’d normally do with Google. There are a couple of differences between this and the normal Google:

  1. There’s a date after the title of each search result. Makes sense with blog posts, but it’s cool nonetheless. Finally, a date search that just might work like you think it should!
  2. No cached or similar pages links. Fine with me (well, I DO like the cached thing once in awhile…).
  3. At the bottom of the page there are links to subscribe to your search using RSS/Atom – you have the option to subscribe to 10 and 100 result feeds, either Atom or RSS versions.
  4. Like Google groups, you can toggle between Sort by Relevance and Sort by Date
  5. At the top of the search results page, a Related Blogs listing sometimes appears that lists at least one blog that is somehow related to your search.

And this isn’t just searching blogs. It is searching almost everything (well, everything in Google’s database) with an RSS feed. For example, I searched for “kansas city public library” and picked up articles and events that would have appeared in the RSS feeds on our subject guide pages. Which is even cooler! It doesn’t appear to be searching news site’s RSS feeds (like newspaper websites).

The best thing? This search doesn’t come to a screeching halt like Daypop or some of the other blogish search engines. This is a very cool addition to blog search products!

Another interesting side note: it also appears as an option/feature when I log into Blogger (what I currently use to post blogs). Should be some fun reading over the next few days!