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David Lee King

IL05 – Things to do before I leave for Internet Librarian 2005 (in fairly random order)

  • Email both presentations to myself
  • pack paper copies of presentations
  • download presentations on USB drive
  • make sure book proposal is also on USB drive
  • pack extra bag for all the goodies I’ll find in Monterey
  • Download cool songs for MP3 player (preferably Death Cab for Cutie)
  • pack earphones
  • Pack laptop for blogging
  • pack cell phone
  • pack PDA for blogging backup, songs, and possibly a bible
  • remember to redownload bible software onto PDA
  • pack PDA and cell phone power supplies
  • print out e-ticket confirmation
  • make sure the van really is picking me up in San Francisco
  • Pack grant proposals I need to read
  • Pack the book I want to read
  • pack hotel confirmation
  • download pictures from camera onto home PC, then pack camera
  • set alarm clock about five times
  • remember to get up when alarm goes off
  • pack clothes and stuff
  • make sure contact case, glasses, and iboprophen go with me in the plane
  • check weather in Monterey
  • post something about Internet Librarian 2005 conference
  • email schedule and cell phone number to department and supervisor
  • tie up any loose ends at work
  • give schedule specifics, flight numbers, hotel phone numbers to wife

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