IL05 – Day 1: Digital Content, Digital Audio Books, and iPods

Ken Weil and Joe Latini, South Huntington Public Library

They use iTunes – books from Apple’s online music store. Why?

  • Audible tends not to sell to libraries
  • Apple Music Store was the best way to go for them in terms of price
  • Digital book is usually available much sooner to them than the print version

They buy iPods for circulation

“Currently, there is no audio book vendor that provides both universal access and high demand digital content.”

Copyright Considerations:- they limit circulation to the number of copies owned by the library

They set up an Apple iTunes music store account!

iTunes software works for Windows and Apples

They search for the audio books using APple store

Download takes about 5 minutes

They now have 20 iPod Shuffles
-the iPods AND the individual titles are cataloged

They advertise it on their website

They include lots of stuff in a camera bag:
– iPod Shuffle
– power adapter/charger
– radio transmitter
– audiocassette adapter
– user’s guide
– aux input connector

They hook a title card onto the camera bag

They also circulate laptops!

If you use your own iPod, they make the patron bring their iPod to the library when the book is due – otherwise, there is an overdue fine

73% of surveyed users of their iPods are female

They are exploring podcasting library programs – as a way to keep patrons current, and to stay at the forefront