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David Lee King

IL05 – Day 1: Future Tech Trends for Public Libraries

Sarah Houghton, Joe Latini, Ken Weil, Jenny Levine, and Aaron Schmidt

Opening up public computers
- drives are locked
- limited software
- very locked down

Use DeepFreeze

OPACs should work just like Google – just as fast, just as relevant, etc.

Citywide wireless – very cool

Serving the information poor

E-ink and E-paper are right around the corner for libraries

Risk taking is good
Wants to get young people involved – Rock concerts
New technology needs to be experimented with (like iPods)

Take the initiative and do something!
Charge a fee if needed – it will still be cheaper for customers
Become a distributor – we’ll even come to you
Staffing – use staff correctly
PR and Marketing – we’re weak in those areas
Targeted emails to customers
Get out from behind the reference desk!
We have to be willing to fail – so try new initiatives
They tried mailing DVDs to homes – it didn’t work for them

The two way web
the read/write web
the participatory web
web 2.0

In a library – connecting, collaborating, communicating, etc – just like what we already do

within our four walls

Community involvement with local history – www.westernspringshistory.org:
- picture of old house
- comments from the community

- comments
- don’t premoderate comments
- Director has a blog so she can communicate directly with the community
- 73 comments on the debugging the catalog post
- they have nothing to hide – it’s very transparent
- over 400 comments on one post

ProQuest RSS feeds – content changes on the library website – cool

Put entire library IT support in a wiki!!!!!!!

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