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David Lee King

IL05 – Day 1: Jessamyn West and Jenny Levine

Jessamyn West: Flickr, Tagging, and the F-Word

Gave a great introduction to Flickr

Some highlights:
- other people can add tags to your pictures (if you allow them to do that)
- Tags – click the word, you get your tagged pictures
- Tags – click on the globe by the tag word, and you get everyone’s tagged pictures
- Explained the coolness of Hot Tags – last 24 hours, last week – shows what’s going on

Jenny Levine:

intro to del.icio.us

del.icio.us/Jayhawk – Jenny’s bookmarks

These bookmarks are things other people are finding interesting and important

Find others with similar interests

for:username – this will go to that user

- using del.icio.us at the reference desk
- they can get to it anywhere, and their customers can get to it, too

Thomas Ford Memorial Library
- Aaron moved their bookmarks to del..icio.us, then links tot he RSS feed

Many other places are using folksonomies
- citeulike
- Michael’s lastfm page
- 43things
- technorati
- metafilter
- Yahoo’s Myweb
- Amazon’s search in this book feature
- books we like

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