IL05 – Day 1: Lee Rainey (Keynote speaker)

I attended Lee Rainey’s keynote presentation this morning. It was a great presentation! Here’s what he talked about, in a nutshell:

Asked who was blogging his talk in real time – about 6 people raised their hands – much different from even 5 years ago

The more invisible the technology is, the more it impacts users
– ex – the internet is everywhere
– but is getting more invisible

Many dial-up users are dial up by choice. They don’t want more internet in their lives.

What are people doing online?
– email, IM, finance, games, interaction
– chat rooms are being used by fewer and fewer people
– people are communicating in other places online (IM, blogs, etc)

Teenagers and the Internet:
– 12-17 – more connected than ever
– adore IM 3/4’s use it
– 1/2 every day
– many have cell phones – they take pictures and text message
– being present with other peole – physical proximity doesn’t matter as much
– they play with their identities – images for IM, etc.
– they are saturated in media
– 8 out of 10 play online games – grew 52% in 4 years!
– they are media creators – they make and share photos, artwork, blogs, websites, etc.
– fanatic multitaskers
– they see advertising as one more input

– 75 million adults used the internet for some type of political-related activity (he counted news as one)
– more important source of news than newspapers, tv, and radio
– internet users don’t just read their own opinions – they read differing viewpoints too. The internet is being used as a door opener

Major Moments for people:
– asked people about internet use during life milestones
– 29 million – pursuing more education or training
– 17 million – helped another person deal with a serious illness
– 7 million – coping with their own illness
– 2 million – marriage help
– divorce too

Other stuff:
– There are public toilets in France with IP addresses (sends “clean me” messages)
– RFID golf balls (so you can find them)
– cell phone as life contraoller – send message to start turkey in the oven, etc.

Continuous partial attention – Scanning alerts for the one best thing to seize upon. This is an enormous behavioral change.

Even more savvy internet users – people still don’t know the difference between paid results and real results, and don’t know when they’ve gone to a new site. Sheesh!

Also mentioned that some corporations have email free fridays (huge sigh in the audience)