IL05 – Day 1: Summary

I’m looking back over my notes from Day 1 at Internet Librarian 2005 – if I had to pick one thought that hit on everything I heard today, it’d go something like this:

“Change is coming… no change is already here, and it’s going to speed up even more. Instead of holding onto your hats, strap on your goggles and shift into high gear!”

I spent all day in the Public Libraries Technology Trends track (awesome track, by the way). Here’s a summary of what was discussed:

  1. Public library websites are changing – they’re incorporating social interaction types of applications
  2. Public Libraries are changing – they’re incorporating new services (ex: iPods)
  3. You need staff buy-in for any of this to work
  4. You need to train staff if any of this is going to be successful
  5. Things our customers want are free (flickr and as examples)
  6. We can make our Public PCs work for the customer in this new age