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David Lee King

IL05: Michael Stephens: Ten Steps for Staff Buy-In

Michael first asked “why are we doing this?- Need to answer that question- One answer – it’s for our users.

1. Listen
- listen to conversations in your organization
- you want buy-in

2. Involve staff in planning
- front line staff know what works in your library

3. Tell Stories
- music gets kids into library
- what can you do with … ? – ask staff to answer this question

4. Be Transparent
- tell staff why you’re planning stuff
- tell staff what you’re learning at the conference

5. Report & Debrief
- report what you learned at a conference
- make a next action list of stuff you learned at a conference

6. do your research FIRST
- be prepared before the first meeting
- do your research
- see if it’s good for your organization

7. Manage Projects Well
- create next steps!
- The Getting Things Done philosophy

8. Offer training for all technology
- let staff be trained first

9. Let them play
- get staff to try new things

10. Celebrate successes
- really, actually celebrate them…

Bonus: breathe and take care of yourself…

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