IL05: Web Trends and Innovations

I was able to speak as part of this session – it went well! Here’s what the others said:

Glenn Peterson, Hennepin County Library:

Their Website:

– 3.5 fte for web services – most part time – also reference librarians, etc. Huh
– 6 million visitors
– 70% of reserves are placed online

leveraging staff:
– web application software helps – so staff can drop info into databases
– Dreamweaver, homesite, etc – much easier to make webpages because of autocomplete
– using reference staff to provide content

Subject Guides are a great way to group different types of library and community information

Their subject guides are two pages of code

Sarah Houghton, Marin County Free Library

She gets 5 hours a week to spend on her website!

Small libraries can:

  • blog
  • create linked lists – you make these for your library already (bookmarks, paper-based lists) – why not make an online version, too?
  • Quick Searches – make a link to searches – new books, DVDs, etc.
  • Give patrons a way to talk to you – like comments online
  • virtual reference – jybe and sms and IM – all free!
    – jybe does co browsing
    – most of these allow passing URLs

John Blyberg, Ann Arbor District Library
used Drupal (open source CMS)
Used Debian Sarge for LInux
Using LAMP
Apache – defacto standard for open source web servers
PHP is a “fun” language!