IL05 – Day 2: Social Computing & the Info Pro, Elizabeth Lane Lawley

She has a friend that works at Technorati – cool…

She also mentioned the idea of the “long tail” – something about a curve, links, and blogs… I’ll have to look into that some more.

Yahoo’s My Yahoo helps her find what she wants. Her trusted contacts in My Yahoo help color her search results so she finds the stuff she really wants. This model works much better than simply typing a search into Google. works a similar way – people can follow their interests through finding feeds of interest.

She showed La Grange Public Library’s feed.

  • staff can get to the bookmarks
  • patrons can get to the bookmarks (and follow the bookmarks through the RSS feed)

Searching is better when you can filter your search results through people you trust – human filtering rather than automated filtering.

Idea for web dudes: With your Subject Guides and category names for links: when you want to see what customers call things, go to and see what real people are calling them. Then use that term for the guide.

Look at the ESP Game – it’s a good excersize in tagging.

“Just brecause it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it’s bad for everybody.” – her thoughts to librarians that are wary of constant partial attention.

Read “meet the lifehackers” found in the New York Times

an aside – she called this the Continuous Computing Generation

Pay attention to social bookmarking and tagging.