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David Lee King

IL05 – Day 2: The Design & Management of Great Information Services, Matthew Manning

improve the user experience
- clean interfaces
- unique data
- unique functionality
- awareness of user’s work setting

Clean Interfaces:
- A great user experience is both boring and satisfying. It’s like turning on the tap and getting a clear, steady flow of clean water… [that must be the boring part?]
- clean design where tasks are easy to accomplish.
- white space
- weighting – most heavily used items get the most amount of space
- elimination of irrelevant or distracting content
- gave an example of lawyers.com

unique data – hard to find info
- metadata is critical

unique functionality
- content is more dependent on great software to amek it shine online

what to do:
- help the user do what they need to do
- minimal number of steps
- logical links (few of them)
- benignly redundant features

what not to do:
- gratuitous toys
- linkmania

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