IL05 – Day 2: What’s Hot & New in RSS, Blogs, & Wikis – Steven M. Cohen

There’s lots of mention (Steven included) about things being in constant beta (GMail, Google News, Flickr,, etc). The reason? Someone stated that these companies are changing so fast, trends are popping up left and right, they simply can’t keep up. The person said the continuous beta trend will most likely continue.

Wikipedia – pointed out:

  • no one used the World Book to look up info about Hurricane Katrina
  • errors in the Encyclopedia Britannica

Netvibes – allows you to create your own webpage. Webmasters – why build your own My Library type of personalized site, when these companies are already doing this, for free, for our users? (I think Sarah Houghton said much the same thing yesterday during a question/answer time after the public library website presentation – awesome idea!).

Mentioned reddit and ratings systems

Library Thing – includes MARC records… user reviews, catalog your own book, RSS feeds for books you read, etc. Free acct – up to 200 books.