IL05 – Day 2: Evening Session – Google-brary: The Status Quo of Tomorrow’s MEGALIBRARY

Very fun, interesting session. Here are some sound-bytes from the panel:

Adam Smith from Google:

  • Wants to dispell misinformation about Google Print
  • What it is: Their effort to make all books digital (indexed by google) – doesn’t mean they have to digitize it
  • Public domain – fully available
  • Copyright – three short snippets from the book

The question was asked, “how will it look in the year 2020:

SteveArnold compared Google to the old pre-baby bell Bell Labs. Google has room to play and innovate.

Adam Smith… in 2020:

  • everything is digitized
  • everyone is an author, publisher, archivist – involved in the creative process

Mark Sandler on Libraries in 2020:

  • some libraries will disappear (the ones that don’t “get it,” or that don’t change)
  • they’ll need to change their mission – about access, leading people to content
  • develop new strategies to connect users to content

Barbara Quint on libraries in 2020:

  • authors are connecting directly with readers more
  • librarians are discriminating between good/bad material
  • you’re paying people to keep you from reading bad stuff
  • we become censors… [me – how funny]

Roy Tennant’s take:

  • we need print around
  • (Barbara interjected) print becomes a format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! an output
  • libraries are about providing service

Stephen Abrams said: why do we ill books for $20 when we can buy them for $5 on amazon?

Barbara: ALA could issue a “librarian seal of approval” on good content