IL05 – Day 3: Fueling Engines for the Future

Very interesting session on a “year down the road look” at search engines. Here are some (pretty meager) notes from the session:


  • Introduced Open Search
  • Common format for search requests for their partners
  • It lets you search things like white pages, flickr, nytimes, etc.
  • They are adding over one search engine a day to Open Search
  • Microsoft is building OpenSearch into the next version of Internet Explorer 7
  • Seattle Public Library’s catalog is one of those, too (from Greg Notess)

Recent Search Innovations

  • answers – type in question, and get an answer – I need to play around with this some…
  • still working on automated translation tools
  • cellphone versions of Google
  • showed lots of stuff others have done with Google Maps and API


  • FUSE – enable people to find, use, share and expand … (something… I didn’t get the rest of that :-)
  • partnering with subscription services
  • partner with creative commons – so users can search for stuff they can legally use
  • My Web – lets users save, tag, and annotate web content
  • books, spoken word archives, historical document – they want to expand into those areas
  • they’re part of the Open Content Alliance