Job openings at Kansas City Public Library

Anyone want to work in my department? We have three job searches going on at the moment:

1. Web Developer – working on our hip website
2. Consortium Librarian – Helping to grow and market our library technology consortium
3. KCResearch Librarian – grant-funded 2-year position, helping to build a content repository focused on Kansas City – based research

We actually have other jobs open right now, too – check em out!

Interesting Amazon Tags

Some of you probably know that has started offering a version of tagging. I’m getting a kick out of some of the tags! Let me show you two examples:

Example 1, from The Hobbit:

Amazon Hobbit Tags

Example 2, from Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance:

Amazon Gameboy Tags

See the difference? The Hobbit taggers are supplying tags that “seem normal” – tolkien, fiction, etc. But the Game Boy taggers… to be fair, there are some tags that I’d consider “normal tags” – like “game boy stuff” and “electronic game system.” But take a peek at the other tags… Christian, Samay, Emily, Austin, etc… My guess? Kid’s names. How about the “First tag” listing – Logan. I’ll bet he’s one proud kid!

The problem? None, really… that’s how tagging works – you have the ability to add ANYTHING YOU WANT to an item. And I think it’s cool that kids are getting into tagging, even if they’re doing the digital equivalent of scratching their names on park benches. At least they are getting used to tagging!

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