Videoblogging with a Treo

treo 650 videoI’m playing with my new Treo 650 – and discovered that it takes video. So of course, what do I do when I discover that? Immediately play with it… here’s the result of my experiment.

Ok – very silly test video, I know. Nonetheless:

  • I can capture video on the go
  • It’s poor quality video, so probably not useful for “professional” consumption
  • Great if I want to share an idea, capture a quick interview, or capture an event
  • Hmm… show management a particularly successful library event?

Reading all these, I can see a way to sum it up – cheap video is capable of capturing the moment – it will capture the relevant info, so you can use it later as supplementary material (for whatever you’re doing).

Update: Gee, Dave… it helps to actually include the link to the video…

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