User-Friendly things to do with Catalogs

I just saw New Catalog Kiosk from the Library TechBytes blog. And it’s a great idea, too!

Helene mentions her library’s Catalog Kiosk – go take a peek at the image, then come right back. They have created an in-library web page “kiosk” that points to lots of library information – just in a user-friendly way. It includes:

  • Access to the catalog, with a big, fat “Begin Search” button
  • A My Account link
  • A Find Articles search box
  • Staff recommendations
  • Upcoming programs
  • News
  • Button to the general library website

I find this a great way to integrate content for patrons inside the library. This allows staff to concentrate on “most wanted” information at the Public PCs (or “Kiosks”), while still maintaining a global website that brings together even more information.

Great job!