Annual Staff Day

Staff Day, big sessionWe just held our annual Staff Day last Friday, and it was a good one! For those interested, here’s some of what we did:

In the morning, we had food (very important at any Staff Day event). Then our library director spoke about change, his projections for the next year, and about his trip with the Urban Libraries Council to Singapore and Hong Kong. Then a comedy troupe performed for us for about an hour, and did all sorts of team building types of skits (yes, that involved us).

Then we had a set of breakout sessions. I was one of those – I did a shortened version of my Introduction to Web 2.0 presentation – it went well, with lots of questions and comments the rest of the day.

Other morning breakout sessions – View from the Other Side of the Counter: Managing Customer Service Perspectives, Creating Stress Resilience, See No Movies? Hear No Music? Speak No Catalog?, and Kansas City Hot Spots. Three IT staffers did the “See No Movies” session – they focused on new things to do on our public PCs, like how to download an MP3 file, how to burn a CD, etc.

DDR Crowd at Staff DayLunch came next, along with a gaming demonstration – DDR (Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, to be exact) for anyone who wanted to experience it. Everyone thought it was extremely fun (or funny, depending on one’s point of view). As you can see from the photo, there was definitely a crowd!

Crystal talking about Gaming in LibrariesThen afternoon breakout sessions. Crystal, who attended the Gaming in Libraries conference in December, spoke about games, and what our gaming taskforce is planning to submit to management group. Great presentation, and it really got a lot of staff talking and thinking about games, programming around games, and what our library can do to reach out to the gaming community.

Other afternoon breakout sessions? Let’s Play Yan-Koloba, Healthy Habits, Storytelling Adventures, and a tour of the Central Library.

Chocolate Fondue videoThen more food – check out this video of the two chocolate fondue pots that were set up! After the short break, we participated in a team-building exercize, then had a closing Q&A time with the director, gave out awards, and held a raffle.

In general, here’s what went on: change, Web 2.0, gaming, new technology, customer service, and team-building. Yes, and food. All great things to talk about in a library!

What does your library do? Is there time for staff to get together, discuss possibilities for the next year, learn something new, and celebrate doing a good job as a team? If not, I’d suggest starting – what’s not to love about these things?