More Cool-Sounding Librarian 2.0 Jobs

Anyone see the job ads from the Orange County Library System? Take a peek at these (found on Library Journal’s jobline):

Digital Access Architect: “in this cutting edge position you’ll: identify, investigate, and use emerging technology to enable easy access to information and to provide customer information assistance to public library users; anticipate changing community needs and interests and participate in the creation and provision of information in digital media formats; monitor and assess the impact of trends and propose and participate in internal research initiatives and information development projects, and much more.”


21st Century Librarian: “Can you picture yourself inspiring others through the programs and classes you plan, create, and present? Would the thought of using a new software product and brainstorming and recommending ways it could be used thrill you? This position emphasizes marketing, outreach, and planning programs and classes. Are you ready to make a difference in the community?”

Wow. There’s even an article on the Digital Access Architect here. I don’t have much information on the second job (OCLS’s website doesn’t even have it on their job listing page yet). But, to take a gues… it sounds like a trainer/presenter, who develops programming around new technologies…

So – add these two jobs to this and this, and you have some way cool librarian 2.0 jobs popping up all over the place. I can’t wait to see more!

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