CIL2006: Day 0: Getting there

Getting to Washington DC wasn’t too bad this time. I flew on Midwest Airlines, and had a pleasant trip – it was nonstop, it was cheap, and they gave me a chocolate chip cookie (they mad a big deal out of that, so I guess it’s their thing).

And I found my hotel just fine, too… well, at least, the hotel I THOUGHT I was staying at. I had booked the Windsor Inn – it’s close to the Washington Hilton, and seemed both inexpensive (for DC) and safe (from reviews). When I arrived at the Windor, everyone was extremely polite – and they were extremely polite when they apologized for a booking mix-up, too. They had decided that the people staying in my room could, in fact, stay there… and they sent me to the Braxton Hotel. At a better price.

The Braxton Hotel is still within walking distance to the Hilton (although a little farther away), and… well… It’s not the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in, to say the least. But I suppose it will do for the week.

So – Midwest Air – good. Windsor – Polite, but unorganized. Braxton – I’m withholding judgement for now. On to the conference!