CIL2006, Day 1: Cool Tools Update for Webmasters

This talk by Frank Cervone and Darlene Fichter is always good (translation: I always learn about new tools!). Here’s basically a list of most of the tools they mentioned, with a brief description of some of them. So go check them out!

PHP Editor –… professional-grade PHP editor

PHP Expert Debugger – run and debug php code

Firefox extensions:
– colorful tabs 1.1
– web developer 1.0.2
– editcss
– html validator
– screen grab!
– Copy plain text
– view formatted source


eyeonsite – client on local machine – monitor another server, sends email

link popularity check –

widgets – konfabulator, flickr photos, personalized weather

a to-do-list widget!

eXactMapper Lite – sitemaps – free, generates a sitemap.

web based organizers – zoho planner, remember the milk, backpackit

sticky brain… “and now I’ll drag this to my sticky brain” $40, for mac users

password keepers: roboform (COSTS), keepass (open source), agatra (web based)

superglu – several feeds, one page –

MultiRSS – fancy RSS chicklet that supports 39 different feed readers

Wink – creates flash animation for simple things, like reference instruction sessions…

Powerbullet Presenter – a little more powerful version of wink – free!!!

file exchange utilities – dropload, yousendit, sendthisfile, mailbigfile – mail large files

Nvu – free open source web editor (wow – lots of comments on this product)

zoom in – zooms in and out of photos

web gallery creator – creates a web gallery – automatically creates the HTML

Thumbshots – liven up your web links – thumbnails of URLs…

altsoft xsl-fo debugger – debugs xsl stylesheets

meta tag expert – creates meta tags for web pages – will do dublin core or more traditional tags

zoomcloud, tagcloud – tag clouds… zoomcloud provides stats

google sitemap builder – it helps google index your site better. – a good google sitemap creator

map web visitors: gVisit, ClustrMaps – maps out web visitors

Google Maps and Library Site… – how to add a google map to any web pages in less thatn 10 minutes

Or – add directions – google directions. – add directions to your site without api

yahoo pattern library – patterns – they published their soutions to common web design problems. Hmm… they include things like breadcrumbs, search results, tabbed navigation, product ratings, etc. – they have tons of data that says “this worked best for Yahoo” – it will probably work well for others!

antispam encoder