CIL2006, Day 2: Lorcan Dempsey

Structured Data, Web 2.0, Libraries

Web 2.0:

  • Flat applications – lightweight service composition and web services… info can be “stitched” into other environments . It’s the “flattening” of the web (mashups)
  • Rich interaction – ajax
  • Data is the new functionality – make data work harder.
  • participation – social networking growth

Showed Audience Level – uses type-of-library holdings data in WorldCat to calculate audience levels for books represented in WorldCat. It gives a suggestion as to what type of book it is.

Greasemonkey – works with Audience Level and imbeds the info in an Amazon page – pretty cool. It’s a form of mashup – taking info from WorldCat and displaying it in Amazon.


  • LiveSearch
  • quick searches target with each additional keystroke of search term/phrase
  • retrieves ordered, FRBR_inspired results
  • Narrow by dewey attributes
  • shows popularity
  • It also hooks up with a variety of dewey and LC subject headings

FictionFinder (screenshots of a new OCLC service):

  • Pulls from WorldCat database
  • Ordered by holdings – it’s pushing the most widely-held material to the top – sort of a popularity rating
  • they aggregate all the details from everyone’s catalogs… so the record for the item is rich info
  • It will tell you all the different versions – large print, ebooks, comic books, normal, everyday books, etc
  • narrow by language
  • pulls out related works

CIL2006, web2.0, library2.0