CIL2006, Day 2: Training for Staff & Patrons in Public Libraries

Technology Training for Library Customers, by Janie Hassard Hermann – (note to self – look at their website. It looks cool!)

Library customers are becoming more proficient with technology.

Tech training expectation are rising.

We need to evolve…

Looking forward:

  • classes that focus on digital cameras, MP3 players, etc
  • instruction on eAudiobooks and legal downloading
  • RSS, blogging, wikis, etc
  • lectures and demos that help community stay current with technology and related issues
  • individualized instruction – open, “tech time” sessions

10 steps to creating a tech-savvy technology training program:

  • Step 1: implement monthly programs that appeal to advanced users (tech talks) ALso “Databytes” – they look at one database a month – captured the same audience that went to the tech talks
  • Step 2: build a mailing list – gather email at every session
  • Step 3: Make a Training Plan – as comprehensive as possible, especially if you go for funding/grants
  • Step 4: write lesson plans
  • Step 5: train staff or volunteers. Gives you a dry run for patrons, also trains staff.
  • Step 6: decide registration procedures. If you restrict to card holders, have a set of courses, etc.
  • Step 7: acquire equipment & software (if you don’t already have them). Think digital cameras, iPods, etc. – whatever it is you’re training with!
  • Step 8: Promote, Promote, Promote! press releases, traditional library promotion, network with computer clubs, email lists, etc.
  • Step 9: Feedback and evaluation
  • Step 10: update frequently

What’s hot – photoshop bootcamp, digital cameras, etc.