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David Lee King

CIL2006, Day 3: Gary Price – Best of Resource Shelf

Most important – why do we need to know all this stuff Gary talked about? Well – we’re the information go-to… we know our collections. We also need to learn online resources, so when people come asking about the web, we can be ready with a good anser, resources to point them to, etc.

trafficland.com – cams of traffic in DC and NYC

in2tv from AOL – free old TV shows. This is cool…

publicradiofan.com – what’s coming up on public radio – even opens up the live stream.

search engine ordering – a firefox plugin – will it work with an opac? Hmm…

newspaperarchive – free pdf of newspapers

zohowriter – wame as writely – a web-based Word-like application

SECform4.com – free SEC alert service

exalead has proximity searching – 16 words in either direction

rollyo runs on top of the yahoo database, does customized searches

online books page – lots of onlien books, with rss

topix.net – still useful. prebuilt pages for companies and zip codes.

Diplomacy Monitor – primary documents and press releases from world governments

wikiwax, answers.com – word mapping

Gooba – upload and host video content


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