CIL2006, Day 3: Open Source Software for Libraries, by Glen Horton

Why is Open Source Software so important?

  • libraries believe information should be freely accessible
  • preservation relies on open standards
  • privacy is important… to libraries and patrons [me – so how is open source software better? I don’t see how open source software can keep my info private better than, say Microsoft…]
  • libraries should lend open source software to patrons, via CD [me – that’s be a bother… but you could sell/give away CDs to patrons. I think that’d be better than doing the whole loan thing with CDs]
  • should be open source software providers

Digital collections:

  • – uses it)
  • it has plugins for pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, html, email, images, mp3, etc.
  • it has a GUI for the back end (ie., input)
  • it can publish collections to CD/DVD – nice


  • koha – as example
  • Evergreen, Avanti are similar projects

Web content/filtering/caching

  • DansGuardian – – keyword-based
  • SquidGuard – – url-based
  • Hmm…
  • as example


  • PublicIP –
  • DansGuardian is built-in!

Thin Clients:

  • – uses old PCs as thin clients
  • one main PC to support
  • Userful Discovery Station:
  • 10 users on a single PC – 10 monitors, keyboards, mice… and one PC. Wow.

Other resources:, webjunction (has a list)