CIL2006, Laptops and Notetaking

laptopsOne final video from the Computers in Libraries 2006 conference. This one is from Paul Miller (the Talis guy) speaking about Web 2.0 and library catalogs.

The video is short – when watching, take a peek at all the laptops! I counted seven of them, and that was just in my tiny little section of the room.

I find it interesting to watch the switch from paper-and-pencil notetaking to laptop and mobile types of electronic notetaking (this video included, I suppose).


CIL2006 – Final Thoughts

This conference, to me, was all about:

. Libraries need to be collaborating. With our library staff, with our patrons, and with other libraries.

Keeping current with technology.
We just “have to do it.” Our patrons expect nothing less, and they get it – at Amazon, at Starbucks, even at McDonalds… we should be willing and able to do the same.

Library Catalogs.
Libraries spent a lot of time and money turning the card catalog into an ILS system. Now we need to figure out how to integrate it with all our other search points (website, databases, etc), and provide easy-to-use, familiar interfaces that work like a search engine, but provide Our Content.

Firefox. It so completely rules.

Getting our information “out there.” Blogs, RSS, Wikis, Catalogs, IM, mashups, patron experiences, etc… all ways to supply content, ideas, and information to our customers.


CIL2006, DAY 3: Project Croquet

Marshall Breeding introduced Project Croquet – he talked about it some, and we watched snippets of a video done by the creators of Croquet.

Project Croquet is a multi-user 3D-ish, game-like collaboration space accessed via a computer. It looks a little like Second Life or Sims Online – but that’s where the similarities begin and end. Project Croquet’s goal is to create better interaction and collaboration in a digital space.


  • peer-to-peer network (P2P)
  • the PC is doing with work – they don’t need or have servers
  • build web pages in 3D – you can even turn it
  • you can quickly creat virtual worlds and spaces
  • you can walk into other spaces
  • The creators are completely excited about their project!

My question – our users are moving to multiple formats, and more mobile formats. Will they want to interact using a Sims-like digital space, when they will probably be able to interact via video/cell phones? I’m not sure.

This project reminds me a little Tad Williams Otherland novels (good read, too).


CIL2006, Day 3: Paul Miller of Talis speaking about Web 2.0

Library 2.0:

  • the open library
  • push the library everywhere
  • engage with actual and potential user communities
  • disaggregate library systems and bring them together
  • building apps that make sense – like a set of Lego blocks
  • shared innovation – a blog devoted to developing a better catalog (I think)


  • wpopac – search, link, comment – built around WordPress
  • Greasemonkey widgets –
  • – his book jacket browse thing (I like this alot!)
  • Blyberg’s card catalog thing, with comments
  • These things are all done by individuals!

What would happen if we worked together?

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