A Library is Videoblogging!

Go to Manchester Public Library’s teen site, called Teen Matrix. From there, click the get information about the teen services podcast here link.

That page offers two types of podcasts: the first is an audio-based podcast (here’s the podcast feed) – it features a librarian giving book reviews.

But the second one (here’s the videoblog feed) – it’s actually a true videoblog. It features a librarian and local teens talking about their favorite books!

I’m not sure if the library/librarian plans to continue – it looks like the videos were all created in November 2005. But still… it shows a definite proof-of-concept, if nothing else. And it shows a great implementation of videoblogging for libraries, too – that of a book review. Think about it – many libraries already have patrons attending book talks. Why not simply video the book talks, and place them online after-the-fact?

That way you get the best of both worlds – the live presentation and interactions at the event, but also the videoblog version (with comments enabled!!!!) via the normal blog/rss route. That opens the book talk up to a potentially larger audience, and provides even more interactions.

So get out there and do some videoblogging! And send me more examples if any exist…

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