Second Life and Libraries

Second Life AvatarSecond Life is so cool. I have explored the game/digital space a couple of times, well… because I like the whole idea of the virtual world/digital creative space thing.

So today, there are lots of posts about Second Life and libraries. The Alliance Library System and OPAL are doing a nifty experiment in Second Life – they plan to hold a few OPAL programs within Second Life, and … see what happens.

From this article at the Our Future blog: “The goal of the project is to promote the real library and online library services to adults who might not otherwise use the library.” Yet another way to reach out to potential library usurs, or to go where your [potential] patrons already are.

Is creating a digital avatar and holding a presentation in SL to attract library users any different from sending a children’s librarian to a school to do a book talk? Not really. Sure, the format is different… but the content and the goal is essentially the same.

Do your library patrons play Runescape? Do they like online services? If so, you might consider looking into Second Life. Or at the least, go create an avatar and explore this new, rapidly growing digital space.

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