Article: Blogging Essential to a Good Career!

Well… possibly not in EVERY field, but check this Boston Globe article out: Blogs ‘essential’ to a good career. The author makes some good points:

  • “It’s [a blog] the new public relations and it’s the new home page … it’s a way to let people know what you are thinking about the field that interests you.” Assuming you actually have good ideas to contribute to your chosen field, blogging about them is probably a good thing.
  • Employers “google” prospective employees – and it’s viewed as a good thing when your blog comes up high in the rankings (which it will do if you’re a good blogger – because others will link to you).
  • You need to have a purpose and stay on topic. Mixing personal and professional posts isn’t seen as a good thing. Personal voice – good thing… personal problems – bad thing.

Then the article lists 8 reasons blogging helps your career:

  1. blogging creates a network
  2. blogging can get you a job (has an example)
  3. blogging is great training – you will learn more about your topic. I’d also say your writing and presentation style will improve, as well.
  4. blogging helps you move up quickly – by going around the middle-man and establishing yourself as an expert
  5. Blogging makes self-employment easier – it’s a way to market your small business

OK – there ARE 8 reasons, but not all of them are “real” reasons (ie., the 8th one – blogging makes the world a better place). Yadda, yadda… Still a good artile, though!