New book – Secrets of Videoblogging

videobloggingI just found out about this book – Secrets of Videoblogging: Videoblogging for the Masses. Here’s Amazon’s blurb about it (I’m going to get my library to buy a copy):

If you’re ready to graduate from blog to vlog, and start creating your own video blogs, this is the book for you. After explaining what video blogs are and how to view them, the book introduces you to the range of vlogs that exist today.

From there, it’s on to actually creating them. With chapters on assembling the right vlog toolbox (including camera,
operating system, editing software, jukeboxes and Internet connection), finding a story, shooting that first video blog, editing your video blog, preparing it for the Web, posting your vlog, and getting an
keeping an audience, you’ll learn how to:

• Sort out the legal, ethical, and creative issues involved in vlogging.
• Apply compression
• Get the right lighting and sound
• Apply transitions and effects
• Choose a blog service
• Work with RSS feeds
• Promote audience interaction
• And more!

Filled with real-world tips on both the technical and creative aspects of vlogging, this fun, fast, full-color guide provides all the instruction you need to get going with your own video blog.